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Under Floor Heating


A different way to heat your home

If you are looking for a new way to heat your home or business, which could free up space in your property and reduce your heating bills, then an underfloor heating system is the ideal solution.

In relation to radiator heating systems, underfloor heating systems require virtually no maintenance, are cheaper to run, and more comfortable. The benefits of underfloor heating make it a great alternative to traditional methods like convection heating. Firstly, having heating elements underneath the floor eliminates the need for radiators, so there is more free space in each room. Secondly, because the floor heats objects in the room and not the air itself much less energy is needed to reach an optimal temperature. So in summary, underfloor heating systems save you space, money, and are more energy efficient.

Choose the system that's best for you

Underfloor heating is also known as radiant heating and is similar to a type of heating system used by the Romans. Ancient Roman baths were heating by a furnace located in a space between the floor of the baths and the ground beneath.

Nowadays, the two most common types of radiant heating are either electric of hydronic. Underfloor electric heating systems use electric cables built into the floor, either by laying the cables manually or by using underfloor heating mats. It is easier and quicker to cover the complete floor area when using underfloor heating mats and especially useful when covering awkward areas of floor space. Hydronic underfloor heating systems pump hot water heated by a boiler around tubing laid beneath the floor.

Another way to further reduce your energy bills is to have underfloor insulation installed at the same time as your underfloor electric heating system. Polystyrene, foil, and fibre-based materials can all be used for underfloor insulation, and are a great addition to making your home the most energy efficient it can be.

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