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Electric boilers are eco-friendly, as they do not release any toxic fumes like carbon monoxide.

The Heatrae Sadia range of Megaflo electric boilers produce excellent results at a very low energy consumption rate. When compared with gas combustion boilers they have the added benefits of not suffering from problems with gas venting, faulty pilot lights, and back drafting.

Electric boilers use electric heating elements to heat up water, and are recognised for their high degree of efficiency. They are a great alternative to gas boilers and can help to reduce your energy bills. Conventional gas boilers are less energy efficient and often lose a lot of the heat produced by burning gas to the surrounding air or up the flue. The majority of boilers now being installed are either electric or combination boilers, and meet strict energy efficiency standards.

We install and service all models of electric boilers, including:

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Whether you need your electric boiler repaired or you want a new electric boiler installed, we can provide Gas Safe Registered plumbers to get the job done. All our qualified plumbers have a wealth of experience in electric boiler installation, maintenance and repair. You will receive the highest quality service for the best value price from Thames Plumbers, and all our work is guaranteed. Call us now on 0800 4488 043 or by email at