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Unblock Drain London

Unblock drain London. If you have a blocked drain that gets clogged up constantly then you should consider getting your drain unblocked today with Thames Plumbers. We unblock drains every day of the week and are even known to enjoy it. We service the entire London area of course and can be at your front door within the hour. We are now pleased to announce that we unblock drains in the entire M25 London area. Unblock drain London for drain unblocking at Thames Plumbers.

We are the very Best at what we do and have been unblocking drains in London for the past 10 years. Go with the brand you can rely on. Get it done before the end of summer with our special summer drain unblocking services. Servicing drains for all of London UK.

Have a stubborn blocked drain? Get it cleaned straight away with our high pressure jetting service. Unclogging block drains just gets simpler.

Repairing and renovating drains can now be done with the minimum of cost and disruption. Thames Plumbers have available a range of alternative, cost conscious solutions in addition to excavation. Drains and sewers may crack due to ground movement, subsidence, tree root infiltration, or corrosion - or they may totally collapse. The result is a structurally defective drain causing repeat blockages or leaks into the surrounding soil.

Whatever the problem, the most appropriate solution can be determined via our CCTV Surveying Service. This will detect the nature and extent of any structural fault, which will in turn assist the engineer in recommending the most appropriate repair technique.


If you think your drains may be cracked or damaged we provide a CCTV surveying service, which enables us to see inside your drains and check for any damage. This eliminates having to excavate drainage pipes just to check if they need repairing or not. All our plumbers are fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of drain repair, and we provide a professional service at the lowest possible price. For London's expert drain repair service, call Thames Plumbers now on 0800 4488 043 or send us an email at

Do you have a blocked drain?

Thames Plumbers will get it cleared for you. Blocked drains can cause a real stink if left untreated, but the last thing that you want to do is drain cleaning on your day off. Don't let your home smell like a sewer, call us for a professional drain cleaning service at an affordable price.

We specialise in drain cleaning and sewer cleaning, so for those jobs that you just won't do yourself, call Thames Plumbers and we'll sort it out. We know what a dirty job drain cleaning is, and so we come fully prepared with all the equipment needed to protect against the filth in your drains.

We offer a high pressure drain jetting service to get your drains cleared and clean with the minimum amount of fuss. Our experienced plumbers can be with you within the hour to get your drains cleared and running smoothly again. Whether you have a blocked drain or need drain jetting, call us now on 0800 335 7076 or send us an email at

Localine - Where defects are localised in a small area, this can be "patched" to produce a permanent high quality repair. Patches are applied by coating a fibre-glass mat with epoxy resin. The mat is then wrapped around an inflatable packer and pushed into position. The packer is inflated and the resin left to cure.
Section Lining - Where the drain is damaged along its length, the whole section can be lined. It involves the insertion of a lining "sock" impregnated with a polyester resin fibre along the length of the damaged drain. It is then moulded into place using air or water pressure and left to cure. The result is a new fibre reinforced pipe within the old damaged pipe.