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Commercial Boiler Repairs

A good commercial plumber is very hard to come by thats why when the men from thamesplumbers drop by for the commercial boiler repairs it actually means something. You see anyone can train to be a commercial boiler repairs expert but how many can say and prove that they are the best? That spot it reserved for Thames Plumbers. Nobody deals and repairs with commercial boiler repairs better than us.

We have a team of commercial boiler repair experts in London waiting to take calls regarding all things commercial boiler repairs. As I am writing this i can tell you that we have serviced 15 commercial boilers in July. We expect to double that next month and triple it in September. You won't get a better team of commercial boiler repair experts than us at Thamesplumbers. We can say that we now service London and the M25 area. Commercial boiler repairs london for all your commercial boiler needs.

A Commercial Boilers service dedicated to London

If you are looking for heating and hot water for institutions such as restaurants, offices, schools, universities, hospitals or other establishments then we can provide you a complete range of Commercial boilers equipment with the best service and quality.

Our extensive commercial and industrial boiler range includes energy efficient cast iron boilers, stainless steel boilers, as well as the very latest aluminium condensing boilers and multiple-boiler cascade systems for maximum fuel savings. Some of types of Commercial Boilers that we offer are:

  • Gas Atmospheric Commercial Boilers
  • Gas LPG Commercial Boilers
  • Gas Pressure Jet Commercial Boilers
  • Gas Condensing Commercial Boilers

In Thames Plumbers Our service comes complete with routine inspections on standard procedures, to ensure no leaks of refrigerant with your commercial units. Efficient plumbing & heating in your office and business helps to save you money on your water rates and keeps energy bills low. If you have any questions about your plumbing & heating, at your office or your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 4488 043, or email us at

commercial boiler repairs

commercial boiler repairs