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It is highly recommended for you to service your boiler annually as per manufacturers’ warranty requirements. This service is only available to boilers working in a “problem-free” condition. This way you will be able to claim your guarantee back in case of having any issues with your boiler.

Besides doing the boiler service will make you save so much money, since your system will start working at its best efficient way and using the proper amount of gas to provide you with the highest warm, this way will save you a lot of cash and you can be relaxed knowing you paid the best value for your money by doing this.

What a boiler service involves:

Remember: Annual boiler servicing improves gas safety and not only protects you and your tenants; it prolongs the life expectancy of your boiler and ensures economic running. When gas boilers are poorly maintained it can lead to breakdowns, leaks, unnecessary emergency repairs and most importantly Carbon monoxide poisoning.

You can rely on us to have this job properly done in your address for the best price in the market, so go ahead and give us a call and we will provide you with the best service, our engineers are more than capable to perform any of this jobs in no time.