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Customer Thames Plumbers Review

T. May

Thanks Thames plumbers for adding a second tap to my large garden. Now I will not need to use a long and uncomfortable hose to watering my plants. Thanks a million!

Client Thames Plumbers Review

E. Morgan

My cold water tank in the loft kept overflowing. I went online looking for a local plumber in W11 and Thames Plumbers showed up. I phoned them and someone in the reception gave me a rough idea of the cost to get it fixed. As I found the price quite reasonable I made an appointment with them. A chap called Benjamin came along and changed the faulty float valve. Thus no more annoying dripping noise. Many thanks Thames Plumbers! I am definitely going to recommend you to friends and family.

User Review

N. Simpon

As a management property agency, we managed hundreds of properties in the West-End of London. One of our nightmares is to find the right plumbing company with the right equipment to detect leaks from outside of a building. We contracted Thames Plumbers to do a few external leak investigations. Not an easy job when you have pedestrian passing by or difficult positions to reach. We are well aware of the dangers of these jobs and we know that Thames Plumbers has Employers and Public Liability Insurance with AXA Insurance UK Plc. This insurance gives us great peace of mind if anything goes wrong which is why we trust Thames Plumbers as a very responsible company with its employees, customers and the public at large.

User Review

M. Reyes

For some time now I wanted to accommodate a new washing machine in my utility room but this task was a bit complicated as the space was limited. The new washing machine was not exactly the same measurement as the old one. Therefore, the water pipes and the electric sockets had to be re-positioned. Luckily, Thames Plumbers had the right personnel and gave me a fair estimate, so I agreed to the job. I am now very happy with the job done.

User Review

M. Brown

I was not aware of the new building regulation regarding access hatches until Rafael from Thames Plumbers came to service my boiler. Unfortunately, my boiler is situated in an awkward position and has a hidden flue along the corridor. So in order to fully comply with the building regulation I asked Rafael to install the 300mm x 300mm access hatch. Now I feel much better and secure that the flue can be inspected through the access fireproof hatch. Many thanks Thames Plumbers for the advice and installing the correct access hatch.

User Review

The Latin Café

I would like to thank Rafael and Thames Plumbers for replacing so quick one of my instant boiling water spencer. I know that sometimes it is not that easy to find the same replacement. It is not only me who is a happy but also my clients who won’t have to wait longer for a nice cup of tea. Thanks a million Thames Plumbers!

User Review

M. Smith

Changing an obsolete heating system can be a headache and specially, when you are in charge of a huge building. Thanks to Thames Plumbers we did managed to upgrade our central heating system without major hassle. Most grateful to all of the plumbers who took part in this massive project and for their efficiency. I would really recommend them without hesitation whatsoever.

User Review

P. Stanley

Thank you Thames Plumbers for installing my new washing machine hassle free and also very grateful for getting rid of the old one.

User Review

P. Law

My beauty salon is on the ground floor but we do perform relaxation and massage sessions in the basement. One day the manhole in the basement got blocked and a massive flood affected all the rooms in the basement. It was really a nightmare and I was very concern for the loss of business. I immediately telephoned Thames Plumbers and they came very quickly. It was not an easy job to locate the manhole as it was under the floor. Luckily, they had a pump and managed to get rid of all the water and located the submerged manhole. In order to unblocked the manhole, they used a powerful jetting machine. The engineers did manage to unblock the manhole and helped us to disinfect the whole affected area. In my opinion, they did the extra mile for which I am very grateful. A big thanks to Rafael and his colleagues.

User Review

F. Smith

My boiler failed to start in the morning. I tried the start button several times but it would have none of it. After a while I decided to go online to look for a plumber. Thames Plumbers came up with the best offer in terms of price. I gave them a call and they turned up very quickly. They did a few tests and eventually they got it running again. I felt very relief and impressed with the speed of the repair. Thanks Thames Plumber for being so efficient.

User Review

J. Brown

Nothing more frustrating than having a blocked manhole. My toilet was in a mess and I just did not know what to do. Luckily I had the details of Thames Plumbers from another plumbing job they have done for me before. The job was not easy as they had to use a powerful jetting machine to clear the blockage. It took them around half an hour to fix the problem and I am very grateful to them for their efficiency and reliability. Without any doubt I would recommend them to my friends and family.

User Review

P. Canter

I am the owner of a very busy restaurant in the West-End of London. Last week, the macerator in the women’s toilet got blocked. What a nightmare! I immediately telephoned one of our current service suppliers and they came straight away. Fortunately, the plumber managed to repair it as he removed a bottle top. What a relief, since I thought I would have had to buy a new macerator. I am very grateful to Thames Plumbers for being honest and reliable. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and colleagues.

User Review

D. Dixon

Thanks a million Thames Plumbers for repositioning my boiler. Excellent job!

User Review

P. MacDonald

I bought a new house with a nice garden but it had a faulty garden tap. A friendly plumber from Thames Plumbers came along and changed it very quickly. He even did the extra mile and installed my hose which fitted perfectly well into my new tap. Well done Rafael! Many thanks for your help and efficient work.

User Review

W. Hendry

Many thanks Thames Plumbers for replacing my old water heater. I am a happy customer for the price and the quality of the work. Keep up the good work!